It’s time to get more customers

and keep them!

People who set out to develop email marketing automations say they run into one or more of these problems:

I'm not sure which automations will help
us get more clients

I'm not confident
our content will be compelling enough

I'm not tech-y
but I want to be able to
set up automations

This is why we developed GrowElf

How does it work?

We share years of experience to give you all the pieces of the automation puzzle, in one place. You get:


a detailed explanation of each automation and how it’s used successfully in a range of businesses


a clear process for how to create engaging email content specific to your target market


step-by-step instructions to build the automation - created by non-tech people so it’s easy to follow!

GrowElf was designed for business owners or team members who want to learn how to do email marketing automation in-house.
And if you get stuck anywhere along the way, our elves are on hand to help you out.


GrowElf is most suitable for businesses with WordPress websites.

Why? Because our training that includes integration with your website

is demonstrated in the WordPress platform.


Been thinking about getting automations in place for a while but never really got it going well?

Maybe you got started but only have one or two automations in place and stalled…

GrowElf will kick-start and catapult your marketing automation success

Looking for more detail on how GrowElf works?

Learn 1 new automation every month for 12 months

Each month we walk you through the steps so you can set up the powerful essentials 

The CORE marketing automations:


Conversion Optimisation

automations to get a more
continuous flow
of clients



automations to have your prospects and clients ecstatic they chose to do business with you


Retention & Advocacy

automations to drive repeat and
referral business


Engagement Optimisation

automations to elevate
your market presence
like never before

Automated Email Marketing is powerful when you know what you’re doing.

GrowElf shows you the exact steps to plan, create & build the best email marketing automations – everything from start to finish.

Have some questions we haven’t covered here?

Want to know how many clients you should be getting?

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Take our quiz and get customised advice that will walk you through what you can do
to convert more clients and keep them.