frequently asked questions

How do I know if I’m ready / my business is ready for automations?

If you have a website, you have should have web traffic, that is, visitors viewing your website. To help you in your decision making, we created a checklist to help you determine if marketing automation is suitable for you and if it is suitable for your business. Check it out by clicking here.

What if I already have an ActiveCampaign account?

You can still access the training and apply it to your account. The price is the same you just won’t have to give us extra details upon joining.  Want to consolidate your account? Email us at

What if I don’t have a WordPress website?

All the instructions for the automation build section of GrowElf are demonstrated in administrative area of a WordPress website.  If you use a website system other than WordPress and you know your way around behind the scenes, you can use GrowElf as a knowledge base to apply to your site.

Why ActiveCampaign and not other email software?

Because it’s awesome!  But seriously, we’ve been using ActiveCampaign since 2009, it’s early days. It was designed with small business firmly in mind. It’s capabilities are just as strong as it’s counterparts, plus it’s super user-friendly.  That, plus we prefer to master one platform rather than be a ‘Jack of all trades’.

Is there a minimum commitment?

Yes there is. GrowElf requires a minimum 12 month commitment.  During this time you will develop strong email marketing skills and be able to apply your skills to develop your own automations.

Is GrowElf a monthly subscription ?

Yes, it is. GrowElf packages email marketing software and training in one solution. Your monthly subscription  provides you with an ActiveCampaign Lite account for up to 5000 contacts and access to a community of fellow GrowElf customers who are on the same journey as you. #automatingtherightstuff

What happens after the first 12 months?

After your first 12 months you will continue to have access to GrowElf.  Because GrowElf packages your email marketing software subscription with training, your fee will continue and so will the learning. You will have access to a regularly updated resource library of automation lessons for you to select based on your business’ specific needs.

Can I get a team member to do this work for me?

Yes you can however it’s important to know there is strategy required for each of the automations. It is in your business’ interest for you to be involved from a strategy perspective and if you have your team member do the hands-on work, we recommend you review their work before making the automations live.

How much time will it take me?

We’ve calculated that, on average, each automation will require about 4 hours per month.  The first two months require more time because you are learning a new skill. For the first couple of months, allow around 2 hours per week. That’s not much time for game-changing training is it?

Isn’t this stuff available online?

Yes and no. 

YES because you can find some of this information in bits and pieces in video tutorials, documents or blogs. NO because you won’t find comprehensive training that equips you with the know-how to set up the foundational automations anywhere else. We have developed this system based on our years of experience creating custom automations for our clients. The GrowElf system covers all bases where others do not – we guide you through which automations to build, why they are effective,  detail how to create content to include in your marketing automations that drives new and repeat business as well as how to build the automations step-by-step. All bases covered.